Who are The Geeky Queen and The Man Who Saved Me?

Hey y’all, I am Alison (aka the geeky queen) I am old enough to know better but too immature to care (I still laugh at the number 69 for Christ sake!)

I’m a mum to three boys (who would rather not be spoken about but while they keep on making me giggle it’s going to be hard) and step mum to two little sproglets and an amazing wife to my very new husband.

This blog isn’t a laugh a moment memoir or a serious place, it’s something I do to get things of my chest and it’s like therapy for me, you can read it, you can sign up to get alerts or you can pass it by but for me; this is my place to press rewind on the wonderful things I’ve said, visited or seen, a place for me to say things I may not have the courage to say else where, so if you are into geeky shit, food (there will be a lot of that trust me!) laughs and tears sign up!

Love A x