The meating place, Cardiff

The man that saved me and myself have decided that searching for somewhere to eat is called ‘the Netflix experience’ because we searched high and low for somewhere to eat in Cardiff that wasn’t a high street chain or nothing really grabbed us, we walked along St.Marys Street on the first night of our honeymoon and stumbled upon this little restaurant, which from the outside didn’t look that ‘posh’ but how wrong we were or felt when we ordered our food!

The restaurant is quite intimate but the tables are quite far apart that you don’t find yourself listening to someone’s else conversation, there are tv screens up that was showing laurel and hardy clips which were rather nice and an ‘open fire’ scene, for the type of place we were looking for this was pretty much perfect, it’s just a shame the man who saved me wasn’t really dressed for quite a posh place!

We look at the menu and the prices are what you might expect from a restaurant that was that nice, I’ve never been in a posh restaurant so I don’t know if this was deemed ‘cheap’ to some, we ask the waiter what he recommends, he tells us about the mixed grill on the back of the paper menu, the man who saved me saw the price (£65) and quickly turned the page back over, we chose our staters:

I chose goats cheese fritter served with red onion chutney not bad at £6.25, I do love goats cheese and I was hungry, this is the moment when it came down the stairs we thought ‘oh shit, this is posh!’ Three small fritters and a bit of red onion chutney, I said to him when we were alone that I might have to stop off at the local burger place on the way back to the B and B, it was delicious, absolutely what I wanted but I was skeptical about what my main may be like.

I chose welsh lamb on laver bread mash bed served with a rosemary and garlic jus, it was £19.50 and a bit pricey but again it was a special occasion, I waited in anticipation and when it arrived I was not disappointed, it was plentiful and equally as delicious as my starter and I was full by the time I shoved the last mouthful in, I also ordered buttered green vegetables for £3 which were mouthwatering.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Cardiff, the staff were helpful and friendly and we left feeling full and happy.

Check their website out: