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Comfortable v’s Money

I'm reading a lot about fat shaming recently, more so over the last couple of weeks with Piers Morgan and Tess Holliday, for those that don't know who she is: she makes a lot of money for being clinically obese and while the phrase 'big is beautiful' should be banded around a lot more than… Continue reading Comfortable v’s Money

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My very expensive past adventures

2010 I discovered conventions, I also discovered that despite it being an immense amount of pleasure it was also fucking expensive! Not as expensive as now but still, I might as well just stood in the doorway and say 'take my money, just take it goddamn it people!' I have been lucky to meet Norman… Continue reading My very expensive past adventures

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A league of ‘our’ own

Noooo not babies! Yesterday the man who saved me and I went to see 'a league of their own' being filmed in Borehamwood, I've been wanting to go for years and I am a huge James Corden fan (I was lucky enough to be very close to him when we saw an episode of doctor… Continue reading A league of ‘our’ own