I am just a mum who had three children, I am not an expert and I just wanted to write accounts of my experiences with motherhood, real accounts and hopefully if you read it and think “I’m not the only one” then I have done my job and helped just one person.

Why I had children young

I wanted all my children by the time I was 26 years old and while in today’s standards that is still quite young, I had my reasons. My mum was 33 years old when she had me and when I was growing up and turning into a teenager, I felt like my life was hard having older parents or so I thought, I thought it was their ages the reason why I wasn’t brought up like a ‘normal’ teenager but thinking back I think it was because my dad is fiercely shy and my mum never had many friends and largely kept themselves to themselves and sadly for the first ten years of my children’s lives, I too brought them up that way with Edwardo. Not to say my childhood was awful by any means, I didn’t go without (I remember the day I got my first duvet and a my little pony cover!) and most years we went on holiday but one things my parents wasn’t good at was they are a bit stand offish when it comes to affection, my mum would only say ‘I love you’ whenever I said it and it was always said the same and like it was a script, there was never any ‘passion’ there, I am sure there was in her heart but she had older parents herself, her mum was older than her when she had my mum so I can understand why my own my was like she was and my dad, I am sure he said it but I can’t remember him ever saying ‘I love you’, I do remember cuddles with him though and his ‘plastic feet ‘after his showers!.

Please feel free to have a look round the parenting section, I’ve tried to keep it in sections so it’s easier for you to find your way around.

For those of you that read this regularly and know I don’t live with my children some could ask why I am giving advice because clearly I am not a good mum! Well, actually I am, I think! and with the flurry of mummy bloggers and celebrity mums endorsing parenthood I thought I would add my take on being a parent and give anyone advice that might be going though what I have with my children, why I moved away, coping with living away from them, like I said at the very top of this page, if it helps one person I will be very happy.