Money Saving Tips

One thing I lack is money, I live my life on a shoe string and I like a bargain, I like a good day out where I have not spent a fortune yet I don’t want to feel like I’ve missed out, I avoid grand days out like the plague so I am on the lookout for great deals so I can share with you money saving tips, One thing I see is bloggers or even just normal instagrammers doing is going out for the day and looking like they have spent a fortune and yes, it does make me a little sad that I can’t do these wonderful things with a smile plastered across my face which is another reason why I wanted to bring ‘cheap, cheerful and happy days out’ that doesn’t break the bank to you guys, of course I don’t know these people have spent a  fortune and I don’t know if they are genuinely happy but still, let me see if I can bring days out, entertainment and whatever else for you guys to enjoy and you too can be smiling like you are a kid in a sweet shop!

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