Like the cinema?

For just over a year we have been unlimited members of cineworld, which means in short: we pay one price per month to watch as many films as we like!.

We pay £17.90 per month* and we can go as many times as we like, the most we have seen in one day is two but I’m sure you can see more, you do have to pay extra for 3D and imax movies (although when you have been a member over a year I think these might be free or lower in price but I can’t see 3D and we don’t have an imax here), you get 10% off the concession stand for the first year plus money off in certain restaurants (although these have changed now and none of the restaurants that hold these deals are in Harlow anymore so that’s a bit annoying) after the first year it goes up to 25% off at the concession stand (still grossly over priced in my opinion, top tip: buy snacks beforehand if money is tight, it ISN’T against the law but frowned upon, so don’t walk in brazenly with your armful of Aldi sweets!).

Last month alone we saw Mamma Mia 7 times between us plus a few other films so we more than got our monies worth.

What’s more if you introduce friends, family or even Steve down the pub you can get a month free…the more you recommend the more months you don’t have to pay for!

To sign up: Cineworld Unlimited

*westend cinemas is a little more each month