Welcome to Adventures of a Geeky Queen! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little page, It’s only small at the moment (not like me!) but I hope to make it grow over time, so stick with me if you like what you see.

I have a bit of a weird life, its not your normal run of the mill or boring life (well some may find it boring), I do strange things and say it like it is, I’ve just got married ‘to the man who saved me’ and I plan on making each day count as the great Jack Dawson said around a table full of posh knobs, we aren’t posh here AT ALL, if you want posh press the little X top right and shut the door on your way out.

Love, The Geeky Queen x

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Ok here is a little bit about me that I haven’t shared, a few ‘facts’ if you will that might surprise you and some may not: A am a huge fan of the royal family…if you have issues with this sort of thing I suggest you stop reading now tbh lol. A am fascinated by … Continue reading


I have a very good job with a brilliant company in a care home, I am the ‘red coat’ of the care industry which means I basically chat, play games and generally get to hangout with a great bunch of elderly people everyday that make me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time. … Continue reading


Depression, it’s not a nice looking word is it? Anxiety isn’t either but at least there is a fancy letter in it. Why in the world would I be depressed or have anxiety? I have the love of a good man and a fantastic family, a bloody good job and a few friends that are … Continue reading

Maybe, baby

“I had a plan, all my children by the time I was 26, I made it with two weeks to spare and that was it, no more babies for me, three was ample and my dad wrote in our last baby card ‘please don’t have anymore, grow bags only have room for three’ (he had … Continue reading


“I was once a man, not a great man, not a saintly man, but a good man, and a man nonetheless.”  ― Barbara T. Cerny, The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched So who is the man who saved me? He is a brilliant, wonderful man that doesn’t give himself enough credit, he is a magnificent father and … Continue reading


How do you deal with a marriage break up anyway? Do you walk away with head held high or do you scream and shout, fall into deep depression and never want to be hurt again? Yep, I did that one. Initially when my marriage ended to Edwardo, it was just ‘ok that’s it then’, we … Continue reading