Free stuff! Free coffee!!!

If like Adam you love free stuff (and until I met him I didn’t know there was so much about!) and especially coffee, look no further!!

If you have an o2 phone contract (I assume it works for internet also but I don’t know this) download the o2 priority app, you get a free coffee from Caffè Nero every Tuesday and Wednesday (it used to just be Tuesday) and what’s more on that free cup of coffee you can also get your card stamped which means you can get another free cup! So far Adam has had two free cups plus one tomorrow this week! Another little hack you can use a ‘screen grab’ from someone else’s offer if they can’t get to a Nero that day (again getting another stamp) although I don’t endorse that kind of behaviour 😉

Another way to get a free coffee and you have to be a bit trampy about this is McDonald’s, if any of you have bought a coffee and never used your sticker on the cup you are missing out big time, especially if you have one regularly, once you have collected 6 stickers you get a free cup of coffee (yes, even a toffee latte) and this is where the trampy bit comes in, if like us sometimes you are sat in a McDonalds and when those people that never clear their trays leave and they haven’t claimed their stickers….grab them and believe me when you feel a bit shit with life and you have one of those full cards, a toffee latte is just the ticket, it’s not like you are going through a bin or anything (I have drawn the line with him getting one out the bin!).

So there you have it, free coffee! I don’t know if other mobile phone providers offer any similar offers but certainly have a look, I know o2 also have free chocolate and money off other things, so download the app and have a look, they also do competitions weekly, I’ve never won but a friend of mine has once to go and see a ghostbusters screening.

If you like other free stuff subway have a loyalty card and with so many points you can get free subs and sides, Adam and I the other week had two free subs and two free sides (nachos are fit!) for tea before our diet started, so if they ever ask you if you want one and you go in regularly say yes!

I’ll add more free stuff as they come up!