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Life is passing by

For the past few weeks I have found myself wasting the days away in the comfort of my bed, when I don't have some other place to be, I could rival a pensioner that is bed bound quite frankly and I always get to the time of day, around an hour before nerd boy finishes… Continue reading Life is passing by

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Comfortable v’s Money

I'm reading a lot about fat shaming recently, more so over the last couple of weeks with Piers Morgan and Tess Holliday, for those that don't know who she is: she makes a lot of money for being clinically obese and while the phrase 'big is beautiful' should be banded around a lot more than… Continue reading Comfortable v’s Money

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The pin in the universe of life.

Do you ever live your life and think is that you? I see my life and sometimes when I'm out in the garden I look into our room and see what I've built the last few years and think how the fuck did I get here? Did I really want to be here? Is this… Continue reading The pin in the universe of life.

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Happy as a pig in shit

One thing I am fucking proud of in my life is I don't blame others for my mistakes, I think of myself as a survivor of my mistakes and troubles. Quite often I get asked about what's it like living in a room or trying to give me tips on how to move but the… Continue reading Happy as a pig in shit

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Getting married on a budget

I read about the woman who threw a hissy fit because her guests wouldn't pay about £800 towards her wedding and it was costing about forty grand for a fairytale wedding but let me ask this: why are you getting married? Is it because you love that other person so much that you just wanted… Continue reading Getting married on a budget

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Be a real star, let that star shine!

I’ve seen quite a few ‘celebrities’ say recently that ‘it’s ok if you don’t get the grades you wanted, look at me’ (yes Clarkson I’m looking manly at you!). I don’t think this kind of comment is helpful to kids of today when a vast majority of them see the likes of the dayglo, teeth… Continue reading Be a real star, let that star shine!

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The not so social media

Social media is a pain in the ass for someone that suffers from anxiety, who also craves to be liked, it shows who is popular and who isn't, who has a 'perfect life' and who is as honest as they come. Take me for example, I posted something that was pretty big to me yesterday… Continue reading The not so social media

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A right royal knees up

Ok here is a little bit about me that I haven't shared, a few 'facts' if you will that might surprise you and some may not: A am a huge fan of the royal family...if you have issues with this sort of thing I suggest you stop reading now tbh lol. A am fascinated by… Continue reading A right royal knees up


To the girl who has waited long enough

When I met the man who saved me just over two years ago, as I mentioned before I was in a rough place, it wasn't good, I was deeply depressed, getting deeper into a world I didn't want to be in sometimes, for a year prior to meeting him I didn't feel love, I didn't… Continue reading To the girl who has waited long enough


I love you! Leia, I know! Han Solo

Sunday 8th November 2015 will forever be etched on my memory, it was the day that changed the course of my life and the day I became 'saved'. Let me take you back a little bit, I was married to a lovely man who we shall call Edwardo. I was married to Edwardo for 15… Continue reading I love you! Leia, I know! Han Solo