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Comfortable v’s Money

I'm reading a lot about fat shaming recently, more so over the last couple of weeks with Piers Morgan and Tess Holliday, for those that don't know who she is: she makes a lot of money for being clinically obese and while the phrase 'big is beautiful' should be banded around a lot more than… Continue reading Comfortable v’s Money

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Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ SPOILERS!!!

Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ CONTAINS MEGA SPOILERS....DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE!! I love the first one, it’s pure cheese, badly sung and in some parts badly acted but I LOVE IT with a absolute pleasure for all those reasons (I mean Colin Firth at the end of the… Continue reading Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ SPOILERS!!!

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My very expensive past adventures

2010 I discovered conventions, I also discovered that despite it being an immense amount of pleasure it was also fucking expensive! Not as expensive as now but still, I might as well just stood in the doorway and say 'take my money, just take it goddamn it people!' I have been lucky to meet Norman… Continue reading My very expensive past adventures

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Down the mad hatters hole….

On Friday myself and the man who saved me (tmwsm) we're luckily enough to be invited along to my annual summer ball for work, I've never been and didn't think I would ever get the chance to attend something like that in my life! Last years theme was Turkish, so this years naturally was the… Continue reading Down the mad hatters hole….

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A league of ‘our’ own

Noooo not babies! Yesterday the man who saved me and I went to see 'a league of their own' being filmed in Borehamwood, I've been wanting to go for years and I am a huge James Corden fan (I was lucky enough to be very close to him when we saw an episode of doctor… Continue reading A league of ‘our’ own