Banana Cookies

I have been having overnight oats Monday to Friday for the past couple of weeks and I was getting a little bored of it, I am not a massive fan of fruit and bananas are my go to thing, I like strawberries but don’t like the seeds (and they are damn expensive) and I like pineapple, I can just about stomach an apples but that’s it fruit wise…oh and red grapes but that’s it.

I was looking for an alternative for our breakfast and what I could do in ‘bulk’ as when we are both back at work full time preparing breakfast in the morning was never going to happen and I don’t want to get into the habit of skipping breakfast.

I had been researching for a few days things I can do in bulk and as money is tight I needed to do it on a budget, so I tried these cookies and while I admit they need ‘something’ more to make them delicious they taste just fine, I think it’s my taste buds saying ‘it’s a cookie! There is no sugar in it (well hardly any!).


Cup of rolled oats

Small handful of salted peanuts (these can be swapped for chocolate chips or anything else)

Squirt of honey (I don’t use measurements and I use the squirty bottle of honey)

2 dashes of vanilla extract

Dash of milk

2 bananas mashed


Preheat oven to 190 (no idea what that is in any other terms, sorry!)

Mash the bananas

Mix all the ingredients in together until it’s a nice consistency, if it’s a little runny add more oats

Put into a baking sheet (I used fry light as it’s all I had)

The mixture made 6 good size cookies but you could probably make more if smaller

Cook in oven for about ten to fifteen minutes until the edges are brown (mine got a little burnt)

Leave to set and enjoy, these will do two of us, 2 days breakfast.