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Weight loss journey. One month on.

A month ago I posted a couple of pictures that I took of my body around 3 weeks into the diet myself and nerd boy are on, I’ve since done another one, almost a month later and the change is obvious to both of us.

This was me a month ago

This is nerd boy around the middle of June.

And this is:

Me almost one month later (21st September), I didn’t think I had ‘physically’ lost just over a stone apart from in my face but it’s clear to see weight is coming off from other areas, which I am over the moon about.

And this is nerd boy, around 2 weeks ago (start of September) and the change with him is amazing!! It certainly has spurned us both on to see more results!

This photo was taken just three weeks apart and my face is so much thinner, I am really happy right now.

To be honest I’ve tried diets before and I’ve been really miserable when doing so but being able to use the ‘my fitness pal’ app has been just the thing I needed, I can still eat pretty much what I want and keep track of my calories, if I look like I am going to go over (1600) that day I will make sure I have a smaller meal for example, if I have calories left over (usually I have around 300 left) I will allow myself that 2 finger knock off kitkat, I’m still eating crisps almost every day and eating pretty much the same food as before but with smaller portions, I do find greasy food a no go now though as it really sits on me. If you have struggled with diets before download the app and try it, you don’t count the calories as it does it for you, you can scan almost every barcode on food packets or upload what you’ve eaten and more than likely that food will already be on there, like toffee lattes from McDonald’s!

That’s right I can still go out and enjoy a coffee with my friends every now and again, I just make sure my dinner is smaller, drinking is hard though because I found you can’t really do the both and drinking on an empty stomach is a no no!!

I don’t really do much exercise either apart from walking as I find doing things like sit ups a pain with my hernia in my groin at the moment, once it’s repaired and healed I will start on a proper program as I will have loose skin, so it’s not like I don’t want to do it but can’t at present, I do try and walk every day though to keep me active.

I will keep you updated as the months progress.

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