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Comfortable v’s Money

I’m reading a lot about fat shaming recently, more so over the last couple of weeks with Piers Morgan and Tess Holliday, for those that don’t know who she is: she makes a lot of money for being clinically obese and while the phrase ‘big is beautiful’ should be banded around a lot more than it is, this lady makes stacks of cash and those all important likes because of her size and is this something we should be encouraging? Should we be ok with someone that looks as big as Tess being a ‘star’ and should she be making all that money from being the size she is? The answer to that is I don’t know, on the one hand it’s nice to see someone of her size on the front cover of a magazine such as Cosmo but with this I do wonder if Cosmo actually put her on the front cover because they think she’s beautiful or they put her on the front cover because they knew she would be talked about and thus far creating more sales for their magazine and if it is more sales, shame on Cosmo for taking someone that is obese and parading her around and gaining sales from someone of her size.

I am allowed to say all of this because I am a big girl myself and like I say it is nice to see someone on the front cover of a magazine such as this ‘bigging it up for the fattys’ out there, but I can’t help but wonder if Tess was of normal size or even a ‘normal’ plus size model (size 16 uk) would she have been selected to be on the front cover? And I do wonder why they chose for her to be in a swimsuit when she could have easily have been in a dress? I do believe, even though she could have declined that Cosmo have exploited her in some way just to gain sales, it’s like they have taken the bubbly fat girl and let people laugh at her expense. I am sure Tess can handle herself though, I don’t know much about her and I am sure she could have said no and I am sure this hasn’t harmed her career in anyway whatsoever, In fact just by Piers ‘having a pop at her’ she has gained more exposure over here than ever before.

There is nothing wrong with making money from being fat, thin, small or tall and there is nothing to say Tess isn’t happy with the size she is, I also read tonight she is the heaviest she has ever been but also the most content or something like this, I do wonder though like I’ve said, if she didn’t make money from it and was just, well someone like me, would she be as happy as she is? At the moment she is well liked and respected from thousands, if not millions of people world wide because she has a unique selling point but strip all that back would she she have ‘that’? If she was a normal plus size model she would never have made it on to the front cover of any magazine, let alone Cosmo because she wouldn’t have that ‘wow’ factor, she’s bold, very large, covered in tattoos and probably has a bitch ass attitude (I mean that in a good way!), so should Cosmo and other publications put her on their front cover? Well my question to that is: Are they going to put someone else on their front cover that is normal plus size? Are they going to make this a regular thing having other models like Tess on their front covers? Are they going to accept that larger ladies can be beautiful just as much as the stick insects that normally grace their covers? Because if they aren’t, then no they shouldn’t put her on the cover of magazines unless they are willing to let other larger ladies model, because believe me there are lots more women out there that look like Tess and it shouldn’t be something they do for a ‘gimmick’ every now and then to garn more sales.

If Tess is genuinely happy being the size she is then good for her but if she is maintaining that weight because it makes her money then this is something she needs to take a step back from, money isn’t everything, your health is.

I am not going to sit here and say she should go on a diet because I am not one to talk at all but I am going to say this: if she is happy being the size she is then I am all for it, if she is happy for magazines to have her on the cover then brilliant but those magazines must do it because they actually find her beautiful and not to just get attention, if she is that size because it gets her attention and money then she needs to re-evaluate her life but I am almost positive she is happy as a fat person in a giant chocolate cake!

Body positive messages should be more clearer and no one should ever be shamed over whatever size they are but I can’t help but think Cosmo fat shamed her and then didn’t even realise they did it.

Tess is gorgeous, she wears the kind of clothes I’d love to wear and she seems like she has sass, she’s the kind of women I wouldn’t mind munching a bit of cake with to be fair.

Much love x

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