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Dear Katie

Hi Katie, you don’t know me but I feel like I know you and you are worrying me at the moment and while it’s not my place to worry about someone I never met, I can see your life is spinning around and you need to step off for at least a little while and see what you have become.

You see I am a mum that doesn’t live with her kids, when me and their dad split it was decided it was best the kids stayed where they were comfy and with their friends and I’ve missed so many things with my boys, I’m very lucky that me and my ex are friends and I have been there for my youngest sons first day at senior school but there have been other times I haven’t been there, like when my eldest was run over last year and it took me an hour to get to him as I live in Essex and them in Kent, I couldn’t get home to them for my middle sons gcse results, simply because I didn’t have enough money to travel and I felt like the shittest mother on earth that day but you’ve shown me that I’m not, you chose to be in shagamoose with your boytoy that you had only been with a matter of hours and choosing not to be there for your kids first days at school, if my kids was that small I would have made sure I was there with their dad waving them off, yes I couldn’t afford to travel for my sons results and if I could find the money for that why not the results? You get one chance to wave them off on their first day, that feeling of seeing their little faces disappear and a little wobbly smile, my sons a teenager now and didn’t want mum sobbing like a baby when she saw how fantastic he did.

The thing also is you are saying the dads are slagging you off? How? They are taking their kids to school while mum isn’t there, they are parenting and it’s ok for you to share photos and your joy at all the kids milestones but they aren’t? I mean because none of you can get on (I have a feeling they would be happy to go along with you for things to do with the children but you can’t for some reason) one set of parents had to take them and on this occasion it was them (I would like to say if you did take them, it wouldn’t have been in the news that both the dads missed their first days because it’s ‘normal’ for a mother), but had it of been you would you have stayed quiet? You would have plastered them all over social media too, you probably would also have had a dig at them for not being there, that’s the difference between them and you, they have maintained a dignified silence on all this, they never mentioned you wasn’t there or took a swipe at you but you would have done (just like you did in your book years ago), your life is crumbling around you and because both the dads are actually doing what they are meant to be doing and being there for their kids you don’t like it, if they wasn’t who would be there to take them to school because not you, your summer has been spent with little to no clothes on trying to scrape some cash and showing off your new lovers.

Katie you are 40 years old, all of your five kids are living elsewhere (who has harvey by the way?) your mother is dying (you had a hissy fit last year that peter wouldn’t let them spend Christmas with you because it might be her last, what about her last summer?) and you have no money; how are you fixing this? Going from one young bloke to the next, going away at the at the drop of a hat and doing what comes naturally; getting your tits out like you have done all your adult life. Katie you are a mum first and foremost and you are a daughter to a mum that needs you. Stop this madness, be there for your kids, stop blaming others for your mistakes and grow up.

What your third husband did was terrible but with how you treat him in your show and in the media I am not surprised one bit he went elsewhere to feel a bit of a connection to someone, I’m not condoning affairs but I do see why this chap may have gone elsewhere.

So here is what you need to do, ditch the fellas first and foremost, sort your money worries out and let the kids live with their dads until you are fully sorted, downsize your home and maybe look into a new career, stop all the digs at your kids dads as they have stepped up to the plate when you couldn’t, ditch all the plastic surgery because it will go wrong one day permanently (do you really want to look like that cat lady?) and spend time with your mum, you only get one and when she’s gone and you carry on the way you are, you will regret this.

Love, some of the general public of Great Britain x

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