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Be a real star, let that star shine!

I’ve seen quite a few ‘celebrities’ say recently that ‘it’s ok if you don’t get the grades you wanted, look at me’ (yes Clarkson I’m looking manly at you!). I don’t think this kind of comment is helpful to kids of today when a vast majority of them see the likes of the dayglo, teeth blinding wannabes on shit programmes like love island or big brother, you tube ‘stars’ or ‘influencers’ out there not having a single piece of talent between them and are only famous for fifteen minutes.

I am sure most of them did well at school and there is no denying they make a lot of money but what about in thirty years when work has dried up? Are we going to have a collection of dried up celebs like Westbrook? Katona? Still clinging on to some kind of fame, yet they can’t go out into the real world and find work because they haven’t for the first clue about making money the hard way, just look at Katie Price, very famous for a number of years and had every single deal going and where is she now? Selling everything and degrading herself even more than she used to, to stay relevant and paying her massive debts off.

Of course there are the few and far between celebrities out there, that do make it last a life time but these are a dying breed and I worry that with comments such as ‘don’t sweat it, don’t let those grades define you’ is total bollocks, you might be there with your nice house and fleet of range rovers but what about the likes of price etc that didn’t do as well, look after their money and decided that ‘fame’ was a get rich scheme (Clarkson is part of that dying breed, he is old school) and didn’t think long term.

So kids, those grades or marks do define you quite a lot, having a steady career path in mind and trying to make a future and not just the here and now (take it from someone who knows that didn’t set any goals for herself), you get one shot at this life, don’t waste it trying to become the next reality star, become your own real life star and shine.

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