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This is me

We’ve all seen the before and after photos of weight loss, it’s nothing new and I am going to post a couple of photos on the internet for everyone to see and it’s not a pretty sight let me tell you, I’m ready for the comments and the put downs, why am I putting myself out there for such comments? Because even though I am finding my diet fairly easy I know there are going to be times where I just want a take away, I just want to eat that whole bar of galaxy which is meant to last a while, we are all human after all, With posting these pictures and having them out there is like a safety net I guess because when I do want to reach for that bar or order food in, I know somewhere there will be at least one person, if not more willing me to finish what I started, wanting to see that ‘after photo’ so with that said….

This is me, a week and a half after I started this ‘journey’ (yep it’s like I am an X factor muppet!) .

I already feel the change in myself, I don’t feel so sluggish and I feel like I have a little bit more energy, instead of forcing myself to go for walks I volunteer now, I’ve officially lost half a stone with no ‘faddish’ diet, no gimmicks (apart from my app on my phone), the diet I have created for myself and my husband isn’t one with Syns, so many calories one day and then hardly any the next day, it’s just one where I have changed my portion sizes and am careful with the treat sizes, I was never one to ‘pick’ in between meals I just couldn’t control my portions and when I did have chocolate like I said I would eat the whole damn bar! I still have chocolate in my fridge and I allow myself to have a couple a week but these are controlled, small and keeps that ‘need’ for something like chocolate at bay, I still have my crisps with lunch but have picked a variety that are low in calories and are small, yet tasty. My portions have dramatically changed, a whole pasta bake meant for four would go round us both but now we eat half and have the rest for lunch the next day, same with any food that can be eaten cold or reheated, I still have eggs on a weekend but now they are poached, without sauce etc, it’s nice to actually taste my food as it was meant to be instead of laying sauces on top.

Exercise I still have to get on top of, I am walking to the shops every day which isn’t that far but I would always get Adam to go for me or when I had a car, I’d just get in it and drive the 30 seconds it took, I walked to the town and back again the other day, which there and back was a total of about just under four miles and I felt great after, satisfaction that not only did I save money, I burnt calories. I want to start sit ups next, which I am going to start tonight because if I don’t do something like this, once the fat has gone there will be so much ‘left overs’ so that’s my next goal.

This thing has given me a new outlook on my life, like I turned a corner and I honestly can’t wait to see the end result because I haven’t seen her since I was about 15 years of age, I admit I was far too thin then so to even lose half would be amazing.

I weigh at the moment 18 stone 8lbs, which is massive my first goal is to lose 5 stone (sorry but I’m English and still use old terminology lol) which would take me to 14 stone (I was 19 stone), once I have reached that then I will set myself a new target weight, if I say now I want to weigh 9 stone then in my head that sounds like a lifetime away so I’m giving myself little goals and working to that.

Thanks for reading x

3 thoughts on “This is me”

    1. It’s something I have been thinking about for a while to be honest, I have a friend who is vegan and makes delicious food, right now it’s not financially viable for us but we are eating less meat which is a good thing and changed to soya or oat milk and I think things taste a lot nicer, thanks for your comment x


      1. Veganism is a far more affordable lifestyle than still buying meats, dairy, and eggs. If you ever have questions or need help don’t be a stranger, the vegan community here is huge and we’re here to help 🙂

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