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Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ SPOILERS!!!


I love the first one, it’s pure cheese, badly sung and in some parts badly acted but I LOVE IT with a absolute pleasure for all those reasons (I mean Colin Firth at the end of the movie with his shirt off doing whatever that was next to Pierce Bronson is anyone’s guess).

I’ve seen the second movie three times now and after the last watch we decided to rewatch the first to see how it lined up with the second storyline:

Harry ‘head banger’ Bright in the first movie wears a spiked dog collar and guy liner as young harry, in the second the young harry wears a leather jacket, his hair short and brushed, a punk tee shirt and certainly doesn’t act the way he looked in the pictures from the first film.

Sam Carmichael, in the first movie his photos show him with long hair and dodgy facial hair, the second film he is this short haired, shaved perfect specimen of a man.

Bill Anderson is probably the only one who looked slightly passable in the first movie (given the actors in the second film was only young when the first film was made).

The dates don’t make sense now at all, in the first film it was Sam, Harry and then Bill but in the second we see Harry first in Paris (brilliant scenes) then Bill, Harry and then Bill again (which is when she ‘does it with him’ on his boat), Harry could easily have come over and cut out of the finished film but it’s not clear if that happened or not.

So they are the first major things that was noticeable, the second things are in the second movie it becomes apparent that Rosie meets Bill when Donna first moved to the island when they come to visit and falls totally in love with him and wants to have his babies, so much so she wants to for a split second declare her undying love for him, Tanya briefly meets Sam when he comes looking for Donna after he left to go back and marry his fiancé, but in the first movie neither lady have met them at all and didn’t even know they exist, while this isn’t Dances with Wolves or Titanic these little things don’t make sense.

In the first movie Donna makes a passing comment her mother ‘is up there’ meaning she died, well she is alive and kicking in the second film (incidentally Cher was brilliantly cast in my opinion)

Something that broke my heart a little in the first film when rewatching it, Sam says to Donna ‘it’s only the rest of your life!’ Well the timing for the second film only appears to have been just five years later after the first film was set (as Sophie says ‘your about 25 years to late’ to Ruby her grandmother, of course Ruby could have been over to the island and been a grandmother For the first five years of her life but as Donna stated in the first film her ‘mother told her not to bother coming home’ when she told her she was pregnant, so hearing Sam say that and thinking to the second film, the rest of Donnas life was just another 4 years (she had been dead a year already) and this is quite emotional really.

In the first film Bill said ‘I got an aunt that lives on the main land called Sophia’ and in the second film, it’s not mentioned but we assume that the lady who looks after Donna (after she decides to basically squat in her farmhouse when she arrives on the island) was Sophia (the end credits also said she was called Sophia) and considering she is so nice to Donna about staying once Bill turns up again, we assume she is the aunt of Bill, she’s very much on the island with her son and his bar. This might be a different Sophia of course but as she was there at Sophie’s birth this would say to me this is the aunt Bill spoke about.

In the first film it was said that Sam brought her over (to he fair I may have miss heard that bit) to the island (it could have been Sam took her to a little island, which would make sense in the second film) but we now know it was Bill who brought her over.

In the second film we see a little hut as they try boarding the boats both in the flash back and present day (which was a really fun and funny touch) but in the first film the hut (passport control) isn’t there at all.

These are just the things I picked up on and there is one thing that is bugging me, is Fernando Donnas dad?! Because it would make sense why he was so weird around Sophie!

Even though there are some major plot holes in the film I still loved it (even if Lily James hands movements really annoyed me in some places, the boat seen with Bill for a start!) but it was a fun, feel good film and one I could rewatch again and again!! The music is still Abba and their are cameos from both Benny and Bjorn but some are the lesser known songs so brush up on your ABBA before you go! (I’d like to think you have seen it if you read this far!)

Just try and forget that Donna is a squatter and a hussy lol.

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