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The kipper that changed everything.

There seems to be a pivotal moment in everyone’s life that makes you sit up and go ‘oh shit, well ok then’ and I had that moment today, you see I am due an operation next Friday and had my pre-assessment today and I had what resembled a wet kipper slapped across my face when I was told I was too fat (in the nicest possible way, the nurse was actually very nice), I smoke too much and because of this, my operation might have to be delayed.

It’s made me think my lifestyle and how I need to change it, I knew I was going to give up smoking and I knew I was far to overweight and always promised myself as soon as it starts interfering with my health, I would do something about it and now that time has come, that kipper was my wake up call that I needed.

So this is me, going to kick the fat girls ass and get in shape (just don’t let me lose my boobs!)

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