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These boots weren’t made for walking!

I loathe to walk, I absolutely detest it in any shape or form, why people do it for ‘fun’ is beyond me! Or so I used to think!

You see having a car makes you lazy, before you have one you say ‘I won’t use it all the time’ bollocks to that, most people I know will happily jump in the car to go even the shortest of distances, me included!

I’ve had plenty of cars and at the start of this year I had to sadly get rid of mine, so I brought a bus ticket for the week and had to walk where buses couldn’t take me, I got used to it (sort of) then I got another car for briefest of periods (it was a dodgy car and should never have got it but there we are, lessons learnt and all that) so now I’m back to being a bus wanker and walking again but this time round, I know there isn’t a car coming my way any time soon and I’ve had to change the way I feel about putting one hoof in front of the other and on Tuesday even I surprised myself with leaving my house, choosing to walk half a mile to the cash point and then a few trips back and forth that I didn’t need to make to the shops, I do find it hard though as I have a hernia in my groin that is due to to be operated on next week, while it’s not painful it’s ‘there’ and can feel it with every step.

There is a slight ‘incline’ from the shops to my house and usually I would wait for the next bus so it takes me closer to my house as before, earlier in the year I found it rough going just walking up that tiny little raise in the floor and I would stop half way up but now, now I can walk up it without stopping and it might not seem like a huge deal to others but it’s massive to me, absolutely huge, like the other week, I wanted to go somewhere that is basically round the corner (ok it’s a few corners!) and I made us get the bus, after Adam said ‘let’s go up here’ and we walked and we were almost home, I was shocked and made me realise ‘I can actually do this’ (even in this mega heat).

I’m pushing myself more and more at the moment in different ways, which is an amazing feeling, I don’t usually do this kind of thing but sometimes in life you have to take the bull by the horns and test these things and without encouragement from the man who saved me, I wouldn’t try these things and I wouldn’t be surprised like I am.

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