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This man..

The man who saved me, let me introduce you to him properly; his name is Adam and he is my absolute shining star in my life (aside from my wonderful children of course) without this man my life would be duller, sadder and I will say, my life probably would have ended a very long time ago if it had not been for him.

Adam is my rock, he is the other half of me, where you find one of us the other won’t be far behind, he is the man that guides me, he is the man that pushes me that bit harder to try new things and he is the man who no matter how many times I fuck up (or think I have) he sits me down, wipes my tears and tells me he loves me and tomorrow is another day.

We have a brilliant partnership, I try doing everything for him like some kind of stepford wife and he says ‘we are in this together, I don’t expect you to do everything for me’ and he is there to be my beauty therapist whenever I need a new pair of stick on nails or my hair needing to be dyed! He fixes things for me when they break, even if I ask him not to, if I can’t find something he gets on it there and then and he is the man who know matter how much I hate myself, scoops me up and tells me I am loved, beautiful and wanted.

I never thought I’d find love again and never in a million years I would find someone that suits me like vinegar to salt, like bacon to eggs but I have, we like the same things, we are thoughtful to each other, he drives me to distraction sometimes and on the odd occasion his upbeat personality can be a little draining but I would never, ever change it because without it and his positive outlook on life, life would be rather dull.

Some people find him annoying and sometimes his mouth runs away with him and he says some very inappropriate things and I can feel my face going redder and redder but I am learning to try and remain the pale colour I normally am and I always apologise afterwards for being awkward when I can see others being annoyed but this is the man I fell in love with and I never want him to change, yes he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and all that but he is mine, a big fat mug that I like to put my arms around and drink him in, I never want him to change because it wouldn’t be the man I fell in love with would it and if others don’t like him or find him draining then that’s up to them, he is my baby and I love him very, very much.

He has taught me not to take life to seriously and live for every moment, we’ve made a pact to make this year up until our first wedding anniversary more about us and doing things together we may never get the chance to do again and without him saying ‘come on!’ I wouldn’t have done a lot of things, I wouldn’t have gone for my new job and I wouldn’t be trying my forty by forth challenge.

He is my best friend and I never want to imagine life without him.

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