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Happy birthday to me…

Well, I’ve now entered my last year of my ‘dirty 30’s’ and yesterday was my birthday. Did I have a nice day? The man who saved me tried his hardest but I’m a stubborn bitch who refuses to let him treat me the same way I treat him, I don’t know why. I then do the typical woman thing and get all upset when ‘my birthday seems a bit shit’.

He is learning though and I guess this is only the 3rd birthday I have had since we have been together, it’s a stark reminder that we don’t know everything about one another just yet despite us marrying three and a half months ago!

My birthday is also a reminder that I feel lonely the best part of the time and the man who saved me knows this so ifs not like I’m going ‘fuck you!’, I miss my friends in Kent when it’s my birthday and mostly I miss my kids, with their home made cards and my dairy milk bar that I seem to get every year and I know tonight when they arrive they will come armed with things but it’s never quite the same when it’s not your actual birthday is it?

Presents is another thing, I got a voucher for a piercing and got a Frankie and Bennys with my money from my parents, as you get older you don’t get gifts anymore, I miss having presents and that’s another reminder if I had friends, I know I would have got something to unwrap, this year I got none, zilch..nada. The only thing I got was my voucher from the man who saved me and it does make me sad but I have this to think about, I am loved and it’s only a day. He shows me every single day how much he cares.

So thank you baby, for everything you did for me yesterday xx

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