Money, royal

A right royal rant

The royal family is something very close to my heart and I tend to get very passionate about them and will defend them until I turn blue.

I cannot abide ‘those people’ who sit there and call them ‘freeloaders’ and what not, here is my take on this whole situation.

Lots of people moan about ‘how much they cost us’ but don’t bat an eye lid when it comes to the tv licence and road tax, both those things are compulsory and yet cost far more per year then the royal family will ever cost one person in their lifetime, I think it’s about fifty pounds give or take, yet they (the tax payer) will quite happily pay hundreds of pounds per year to keep their cars on the road and with the state of the pot holes etc I would be more pissed off about that then the under a quid payment for the royals per year.

The way these people carry on you would think they personally get billed millions every year, if they did I could quite happily agree with you but think about what you could spend on seventy pence these days? Fuck all unless you want a couple of packets of space invaders or a couple of freddos, I was reading the comments on a newspaper article the other day and someone said that meghans’ dress was lovely and someone commented ‘good you paid for it’, well in reality Meghan was probably given the dress and I imagine the designer sold plenty of these dresses of the back of it, meaning her income went up and surely this is a good thing? If the royal family are helping to boost the economy I don’t really see why these people moan? Take the wedding recently it may have cost the tax payers millions but how much did the towns of Windsor and London take in hotels, food, merchandise and god knows what else, is someone making money a bad thing?

I’ve heard recently people wanting a republic government or whatever it is called but look how much Trumps visit is costing us for a three day visit, imagine having to spend that on a president of the United Kingdom on a weekly basis for their security, I think these people don’t realise if we had a president like the good ole US of A we would probably be spending far more than a quid a year and what would it bring to the economy?

The royals do work hard, how many other 92 year olds are still working? Not many I imagine, our queen has done us proud over her reign and most of the others too (I admit that there are a handful that I don’t agree with like Air Miles Andy and most recently Edward and Sophie spending thousands of pounds on helicopters when they could have taken a cheaper way to travel)

When it was Williams wedding we had a bank holiday, how many of these moaners enjoyed the extra long bank holiday and probably went out with your unexpected day off which means, yes boosting the economy. Whenever I raise this point I never get anyone argue back at me because unless you are a really boring person and just sits at home moaning about everything, they don’t have an argument.

Maybe it’s time the government did let the tax payer tick a box to say they are happy to contribute or not to the royal family each year and choose to spend their seventy pence in a different way or save it at least that way the moaners can all shut up then and stop moaning.

In summary: they do good, they boost the economy and they make us proud to be British.

You know what really fucks me off too? When it’s unemployed people moaning about them, they have no fucking right to complain when they are even worse then the royal family because they aren’t give back I to society.

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