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Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ SPOILERS!!!

Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ CONTAINS MEGA SPOILERS....DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE!! I love the first one, it’s pure cheese, badly sung and in some parts badly acted but I LOVE IT with a absolute pleasure for all those reasons (I mean Colin Firth at the end of the… Continue reading Mamma Mia ‘Here we go again!’ SPOILERS!!!

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The kipper that changed everything.

There seems to be a pivotal moment in everyone’s life that makes you sit up and go ‘oh shit, well ok then’ and I had that moment today, you see I am due an operation next Friday and had my pre-assessment today and I had what resembled a wet kipper slapped across my face when… Continue reading The kipper that changed everything.

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These boots weren’t made for walking!

I loathe to walk, I absolutely detest it in any shape or form, why people do it for 'fun' is beyond me! Or so I used to think! You see having a car makes you lazy, before you have one you say 'I won't use it all the time' bollocks to that, most people I… Continue reading These boots weren’t made for walking!

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This man..

The man who saved me, let me introduce you to him properly; his name is Adam and he is my absolute shining star in my life (aside from my wonderful children of course) without this man my life would be duller, sadder and I will say, my life probably would have ended a very long… Continue reading This man..

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A right royal rant

The royal family is something very close to my heart and I tend to get very passionate about them and will defend them until I turn blue. I cannot abide ‘those people’ who sit there and call them ‘freeloaders’ and what not, here is my take on this whole situation. Lots of people moan about… Continue reading A right royal rant

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The not so social media

Social media is a pain in the ass for someone that suffers from anxiety, who also craves to be liked, it shows who is popular and who isn't, who has a 'perfect life' and who is as honest as they come. Take me for example, I posted something that was pretty big to me yesterday… Continue reading The not so social media

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Turn left

Fortune Teller: You turned left. But what if you turned right? What then? Donna: Let go of my hands. Fortune Teller: What if it changes? What if you go right? What if you could still go right? Donna: Stop it! What’s on my back? What is it? What’s on my back?! Fortune Teller: Make the… Continue reading Turn left