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My very expensive past adventures

2010 I discovered conventions, I also discovered that despite it being an immense amount of pleasure it was also fucking expensive! Not as expensive as now but still, I might as well just stood in the doorway and say ‘take my money, just take it goddamn it people!’

I have been lucky to meet Norman Reedus (BEST.DAY.EVER!) from the walking dead, Jamie Bamber from battlestar galactica (BEST.DAY.EVER!) the Weasley twins (before they started demanding double the cash I paid) Jason Momoa before he was aquaman and Karl Drogo, DANNY FUCKING SORT DYER (BEST.DAY.EVER!) Karen Gillian, David Tennant, Arthur Darvil, Matt Smith, Weds Craven, Christopher Lloyd (and Marty’s mum) and he was rude and made us all wait a sodding age! Brandon Routh, Richard Hatch, Corey Feldman (yes really!), Alex Kingston and loads of other people and probably have spent a small fortune on it all.

I absolutely love the buzz of meeting famous people, I would quite happily stalk people all day long to be fair, I prefer a photo over an autograph, well apart from the time I met David Tennant and apparently my eyes were closed so got a reshoot and they photoshopped my eyes in…I was steaming with that photo let me tell you, it just the way I look, a fat bird that looks like she is sniffing a shit is how I’ve been described when I have my photo taken.

I love a good con but sadly they are so far out of our price range its ridiculous You never know I might get a lottery win one day!!

Although I did manage to pull of my own little comic con in my old home town with Edwardo, we had some actors that were extras in Star Wars etc and some of the nicest people you could ever meet, that was a brilliant day!

A con day or weekend can be very tiring though so good footwear is a must, buffalo trainers aren’t practical, look good but aren’t practical one little bit, the journey home if you take public transport can be long and even more tiring but the buzz is amazing when you are standing in line to meet your heroes, forget the money you have to pay (yes you have to pay to get in and pay for the picture or autographs) getting to the front of that table and superman is sitting in front of you is something of dreams (although sometimes you get the greedy people who hog loads of time getting five plus things signed), some people get excited with football, myself personally I get excited with the buzz of meeting my favourite actors, it just a shame that now the entry price has gone up and the price of meeting them has risen so much, some are well over £80 now for a signature and no matter how much I want to meet them, I can’t justify spending that much, when seven years ago I could have got three signatures for that.

Still it was a great run while it lasted and something I will treasure forever, especially when Mark Shepard remembered my tweet from a few days prior or meeting new Apollo from BSG, maybe one day I’ll be able to afford it but for now, I’ll remember the good times.

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