adventure, entertainment

Down the mad hatters hole….

On Friday myself and the man who saved me (tmwsm) we’re luckily enough to be invited along to my annual summer ball for work, I’ve never been and didn’t think I would ever get the chance to attend something like that in my life!

Last years theme was Turkish, so this years naturally was the mad hatter tea party and what a brilliant theme it was, tmwsm really embraced the hat competition, even adding bits too it during the day from the canapés we ate and the little bottles with ‘drink me’ on, it was lovely to be able to get dressed up and not worry about a penny all night. The entertainment was brilliant too.

Needless to say we both got a little bit too merry with the free booze on offer but it’s not every day you get jäger bombs basically on tap, I’ve obviously grown up as I wasn’t sick and we went clubbing after….well we fucking attempted too but I’m so youthful they wouldn’t let me in without id…ok that’s a lie right there, they couldn’t let me in without id as it’s company policy to scan everyone in but we will found a bar open and enjoyed another drink and a kebab.

All in all as adventures go, this was high up there, I would love to do it again but unless I win next year I won’t be going again as someone else should have the chance I did. The last picture is me after the carnage!

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