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A league of ‘our’ own

Noooo not babies! Yesterday the man who saved me and I went to see ‘a league of their own’ being filmed in Borehamwood, I’ve been wanting to go for years and I am a huge James Corden fan (I was lucky enough to be very close to him when we saw an episode of doctor who being filmed years ago too) and I have a weird crush type thing on Jamie Redknapp too!

We arrived and there was already twenty or so people in the front of the queue, no public toilets, nowhere to sit down other than the grass and it was blazing hot but we had a blast, I sent him off in search of fold up chairs and we found some shade and the loo situation? Holding it in for 4 hours seemed like the way forward.

The man who saved me can be a little ‘child’ like when bored stiff and he was itching to show card tricks to the girls behind us as they had been doing them all afternoon…badly lol. Needless to say my handsome husband managed to blow more than their minds with his tricks (not like that you dirty buggers).

The studio looks massive on the tv and was kinda big but thought it was smaller in real life, it still didn’t seem real that we were watching it and had a very good view of James (Jamie I didn’t due to a camera in the way, don’t they know it’s the only reason I came?!) and don’t get me started on the two security ladies just having a chin wag next to us all evening, I was very British and moaned to everyone else bar them and then there was the ‘posh bird’ that ‘oh I’m waiting for my friend’ just as the only seats left were the front rows and of course she got sat there, I wanted to smash her phone on the floor the amount of selfies she took with her and the stage, THE STAGE! Not even one of the celebs!!! Calm!!!

It was brilliant though, ‘tmwsm’ managed to get his top off in front of James for a competition with the audience but had to physically stop him from removing his trousers! It was all very very funny!

So glad we got to go as it was a once in a life time experience…..oh wait; we have tickets for another show on Friday!!!

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