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You know what I miss?

A good fucking concert that’s what! A bloody good road trip going all over the U.K. and seeing the same show about 6 times on one tour!

I may be entering my 39th year (ahem!) very shortly but if Westlife make a return, by fuck me and my sister will be flying and driving all over the shop!!

Take last year for instance, well let me take you back about twenty years actually, in the summer of 1998 myself and my little squad ‘followed’ ‘stalked’ ‘craved’ over the boyband 5ive, we went bloody everywhere, their houses, hotels, airports you name it we were there, while other 18 year olds were off clubbing and getting drunk there was me, getting up at the crack of dawn to go and stand outside Live and Kicking, as you can tell I didn’t have much street cred whatsoever! But I had the BEST time!! My favourite times was when we slept under the flyover somewhere there was an arena in London waiting for Smash Hits Poll Winners Party tickets went on sale, the day after we got our 8th row tickets we went to Fleet Street to see them at the Daily Star then on to London Docklands to see them film a tv show and then I went to meet my sister at Wembley to see Boyzone, I was shattered but loved it and the other was walking down the Roman Road in London trying to find our way to the Big Breakfast in the middle of the night, four girls, just us in the pitch black.

But my ultimate time was a when we booked tickets to go and see them in Essex and us being us, myself and two friends travelled the night before and it was an outside type festival thing and we were the only ones there, the lovely guy who was running it let us into the field and found us a cabin and some sleeping bags and made sure we were safe with his employees all night….none of the above seems safe at all but back then we just didn’t think. Anyway, last year I found out they were performing a mere half hour away from me, I prewarned the kids beforehand and the man who saved me. Damn it was a brilliant afternoon and I missed the buzz! (There was also trips in police cars and my brother standing by the phone in case I got arrested but that’s another day…it really wasn’t like that AT ALL!)

I hate getting old because any new boy bands that come out I can’t possibly like because I’d look even more of a sad act than I was before, I ‘just’ about got away with it when we went to see one direction on their farewell tour (let’s face it, they ain’t getting back together).

I miss the hotels, the arenas, the hours in the car, meeting new people and the smell of a programme, yes I’m weird of the highest order but do I give a fuck? Like fuck I do!!

I will never ever forget when I finally met new kids on the block though, I’d waited about 25 years to meet them and see them in concert and I was lucky enough to have some money to pay for a meet and greet with them in 2008 and I had always been a Joey girl but that day after an amazing cuddle with Donnie I was hooked and I admit I cried a little when they sang hanging tough, I’d waited years.

So to all you ‘lifers’ out there and ‘fiver’ we’re in a world of our own so keep on moving. You’ve got this and Westlife if you’re reading this we really fucking miss you please come back!

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