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A right royal knees up

Ok here is a little bit about me that I haven’t shared, a few ‘facts’ if you will that might surprise you and some may not:

A am a huge fan of the royal family…if you have issues with this sort of thing I suggest you stop reading now tbh lol.

A am fascinated by the Kennedy family.

I am a huge titanic buff and not just the film…I still won’t forgive Kate for letting Leo die, it still hurts.

I can stick my thumb up my nose.

I LOVE and I mean LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest, my ultimate goal is to host a party one year but no one I know shares my enthusiasm for this annual event.

Anyway that’s a a few facts about me but I must talk about my first fun fact which is my love for all things royal!

Well my ultimate dream came true a couple of years ago now, prince William and his missus paid a visit to a school over the road from us, off I went to fangirl like it was bros, ok I wasn’t THAT bad but you get the gist.

I’d love to meet the queen and this past week or so I’ve been watching The Crown and I am going to be devastated tomorrow night when when it’s finished, I absolutely love it, Matt Smith as Prince Phillip is brilliant (even if it did take me a couple of episodes to forget he wasn’t the doctor with blonde hair).

Why do I love them so much? I have no real idea but I do, I feel very proud when it’s a royal occasion and I would love to be in Windsor next weekend to see Prince Harry marry but sadly I can’t camp out for days and I don’t think my kids would appreciate standing around for hours, so I will be glued to my tv and if we wasn’t at a birthday party later in the day I would be doing a huge buffet (see Prince Williams and Catherine’s Wedding lol), the man who saved me doesn’t like them at all but he puts up with it, I’d like to say I’m not one of these that has a royal room or anything but don’t say anything bad about them or I will go off in a massive rant.

So I am looking forward to next weekend, a right royal knees up and I have to say since Diana died I’ve watched her boys grow up and it feels a bit like an end of an era.

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