The whirlwind week

I have a very good job with a brilliant company in a care home, I am the ‘red coat’ of the care industry which means I basically chat, play games and generally get to hangout with a great bunch of elderly people everyday that make me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time.

Usually my week is very ‘samey’ but this week, I’ve been in the press at least a dozen times, appears on the tv and this morning I was on the radio, a couple of weeks ago a resident passed away with no relatives or family that we knew of, I put an appeal in the local paper to ask for anyone to come forward and bam! Over half a million people have read ‘the story’ or heard ‘the story’ or even more scary millions of people have seen ‘the story’.

Millions of people reading and seeing something I made happen, me on my own. To say I’m close to tears with it all is an under statement.

I didn’t really know the impact of the story until Sunday, Monday being bank holiday was a bit of a lull but by Tuesday it’s been nonstop, I was interviewed by ITN along with my manager and today I went along to bbc radio Essex to talk about loneliness in care homes and the lady in question.

Well I am pleased to say family have been located as well as an old friend, so I would say all that hard work has been well worth it.

The week still isn’t over yet but for one week only, I really did have an adventure.

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