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I wish two lives could collide

Here I am sat in my bathroom just having looked back at 'my memories' on Facebook and reminded of some questions I posed the kids back in 2015 and like a hammer punch to the chest, it hits me that I miss them, their sweet answers of how beautiful I am etc is making me… Continue reading I wish two lives could collide

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You know what I miss?

A good fucking concert that's what! A bloody good road trip going all over the U.K. and seeing the same show about 6 times on one tour! I may be entering my 39th year (ahem!) very shortly but if Westlife make a return, by fuck me and my sister will be flying and driving all… Continue reading You know what I miss?

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It’s good to talk

Everyday begins with an act of courage and hope: getting out of bed. Mason Cooley Mental health awareness week is here and it's crazy to think we have a week that is dedicated to mental health but as suicide is on the rise it's brilliant that something like this can be brought to the forefront… Continue reading It’s good to talk

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A right royal knees up

Ok here is a little bit about me that I haven't shared, a few 'facts' if you will that might surprise you and some may not: A am a huge fan of the royal family...if you have issues with this sort of thing I suggest you stop reading now tbh lol. A am fascinated by… Continue reading A right royal knees up


The whirlwind week

I have a very good job with a brilliant company in a care home, I am the 'red coat' of the care industry which means I basically chat, play games and generally get to hangout with a great bunch of elderly people everyday that make me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time.… Continue reading The whirlwind week

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Thinking the worst outcome imaginable

Depression, it's not a nice looking word is it? Anxiety isn't either but at least there is a fancy letter in it. Why in the world would I be depressed or have anxiety? I have the love of a good man and a fantastic family, a bloody good job and a few friends that are… Continue reading Thinking the worst outcome imaginable