To the girl who has waited long enough

When I met the man who saved me just over two years ago, as I mentioned before I was in a rough place, it wasn’t good, I was deeply depressed, getting deeper into a world I didn’t want to be in sometimes, for a year prior to meeting him I didn’t feel love, I didn’t feel wanted, I took my break up with my first husband very, very badly indeed and I never thought I would ever find a companion again, let alone another husband.

I never knew I could love a person as much as I do the man who saved me, I never knew I had a desire so strong as the one I have for him, sometimes I think ‘if I found it with my first husband would it have ended?’ The answer to that is, I don’t know, our marriage suffered quite a bit, down to me in the last five years, in someways I don’t think we were destined to be together forever, some people fall in love young but they grow as people and sometimes they grow apart and I think that is what happened to us, our branches went in different directions, the thing keeping us together now is our kids and the fact we were friends since the age of 11, we are good friends now and as long as I don’t talk about him too much he won’t mind me saying what I just did.

So you see, the title of this post is apt in a way, I suffered so much depression, terrible thoughts and got through it all with the help of the man that saved me, I really was the girl who waited long enough.

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