He’s just not that into you.

How do you deal with a marriage break up anyway? Do you walk away with head held high or do you scream and shout, fall into deep depression and never want to be hurt again? Yep, I did that one. Initially when my marriage ended to Edwardo, it was just 'ok that's it then', we… Continue reading He’s just not that into you.


To the girl who has waited long enough

When I met the man who saved me just over two years ago, as I mentioned before I was in a rough place, it wasn't good, I was deeply depressed, getting deeper into a world I didn't want to be in sometimes, for a year prior to meeting him I didn't feel love, I didn't… Continue reading To the girl who has waited long enough


I love you! Leia, I know! Han Solo

Sunday 8th November 2015 will forever be etched on my memory, it was the day that changed the course of my life and the day I became 'saved'. Let me take you back a little bit, I was married to a lovely man who we shall call Edwardo. I was married to Edwardo for 15… Continue reading I love you! Leia, I know! Han Solo


The Adventure Begins

Marriage, Geeky, Our Way! "Always." – Severus Snape 'Even after all this time, always' it's the smallest quote but the one that means the most to me, which is silly really as myself and my husband have only been together for just over two years but it felt like a lifetime of waiting for him,… Continue reading The Adventure Begins